Day 2

About a year ago I visited the Pixar 25th Anniversary traveling museum in Oakland. It was on the most amazing experiences. Not only was the museum huge but it featured every character from their movies, and many who did not make the final cut. It also had a giant viewing room with a montage of some original drawings and sketches of the most beloved movies with music. Each room was dedicated to a movie or an aspect in their process. It was amazing seeing all the characters I loved as a child (and love today) first as sketches, then clay models, and finally the animation we see in the theater.


Every time I finish a book or a story I think about how weird it is that someone else somewhere has read those same words. Reading is such a personal experience it’s hard to imagine someone else being affected by the story or sympathizing with the character. But then I guess the story actually changes each time it is read depending on the person reading it. We’re not all likely to feel the same way about a certain story because we all have different points of view. We all sympathize with the characters differently. Or maybe we don’t sympathize at all. I wish I could meet every person who has read and loved the same books as me and hear it from their perspective. Because in that sense we might be hearing the same basic story over and over again but each time it changes slightly. Everyone’s personality affects how they interpret it. I don’t know maybe I’m just rambling.

Loud Thoughts

Have you ever noticed how loud your thoughts are? How they completely drown out everything around you while simultaneously┬ánever actually making a sound. You are the loud thoughts in my head that fill up every crevice and canyon. The thoughts that over power me and seem to scream in my head until I can’t take it anymore. The thoughts that make me want to bang my head against the wall until they all come tumbling out and I”m finally left with some peace and quiet.

Day 1

I know I have been dropping the ball already, since it’s been a few days since I posted that “I will post pictures every day!” post. But I haven’t really been inspired lately and I think this picture is appropriate to explain why. This is Ryan. My recent ex-boyfriend who dumped me. Le sigh. Teenage problems. Anyway, he really did brighten my life for the year we were together. This picture was taken at the first baseball game we went to together. (We sat next to this guy who had ridiculously long dread-locks and smoked weed and drank hard liquor throughout the whole game… that was interesting) Ryan loves baseball. And no other sport. This is why my grandma said it’s a good thing we broke up because he didn’t like football and according to her that is weird. I miss him a lot and having to see him everyday at school (and the fact that we have the same friends) doesn’t really help. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Decree 02/10

I have decided to try to post a picture a day and explain its significance. Let’s see if that will work. I will try to make it all pictures that I have taken but I will probably run out of this fairly quickly. Hope you guys (you’re out there right? anyone?) will enjoy it.

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011 – StumbleUpon

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011 – StumbleUpon.

Wow I love this set. And I love the order of it. I hope everyone notices how most of these pictures feature riots and protest with a negative view on the police. And I hope people realize that this is the way the world is turning. But then after all the pictures that wrench your heart, the final picture is heart-warming: an army officer high-fiving an Afghan boy. This photo collection really makes you stop and think.

I love Josh Hutcherson. I can’t wait for the Hunger Games to come out!!

I just want to bundle up all my problems and sink them into the ocean

I think they would be much happier down there with the whales to keep them company. Maybe one day the bundle will come undone and float up to the surface and wash up on beaches like messages in bottles. Then some other unlucky soul will pick it up and feel the weight of that burden on their chance. If they’re smart, they’ll throw it back in.

Ellen is one of my biggest inspiration. She has helped me to believe that I can achieve my goal for comedy writing. She is so true to herself, she is a role model for women everywhere.